1071:  Preparing for Compliance Changes

July 22, 2024 | 3:00 PM - 4:00 PM EST
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The 1071 rule (Now Regulation B: Subpart B) will be here soon – and decisions have to be made. It will impact your commercial loan application process, your underwriting/approval process, your commercial loan files, and truly has the potential to restructure your entire commercial loan process. And then, after closing, withdrawal, or denial, you will have to provide the government with information concerning the transaction.

This webinar will focus on preparation and the decisions that will be required to comply – and for many – it may be a difficult transition. This webinar is designed to give you a “road map” to the required management decisions.

Example: Who will have access to information regarding the race, ethnicity, and sex/gender of your applicants? And how will you store that information to keep it “safe” and separate from the rest of the information in the loan file?

After attending, you will have a solid understanding of the decision making that must take place in the days ahead.

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Bill Elliott, CRCM, Director of Compliance Education

Bill Elliott, CRCM, Director of Compliance Education

With over 45 years of banking experience, Bill Elliott is a seasoned expert in compliance and regulatory affairs. As a Senior Consultant and the Director of Compliance Education at Young & Associates, he brings extensive expertise gained from roles as a compliance officer and CRA officer in both community and regional banks. Bill's diverse background includes lending across consumer, commercial, and mortgage sectors, as well as managing various banking departments. He leads compliance seminars, conducts reviews, delivers training, and authors articles and materials.

Webinar Details


Date: Monday, July 22, 2024
Time: 3:00 PM EST 
Duration: Approximately 60 minutes

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This webinar caters to individuals dealing with commercial loans within their institutions. This includes:

• Senior management
• Commercial loan managers and lenders
• Commercial loan operations personnel
• Compliance officers
• Any other party who will be involved in the 1071 process


Gain access to a live virtual webinar where we will break down 1071 compliance. Participants will receive valuable resources, including the presentation, a manual, and a certificate of completion.

What You Will Learn

Join us for this webinar and gain insights into:

Understand the Impact of Regulation B: Subpart B (1071 Rule):
Comprehend how the new regulation will affect commercial loan application, underwriting, approval processes, and loan files.
Identify Key Management Decisions:
Learn about the critical decisions that need to be made to comply with the 1071 rule. Develop a roadmap for implementing necessary changes within your institution.
Prepare for the Transition:
Gain insights into the challenges and complexities of transitioning to comply with the 1071 rule.
Understand the steps required to manage this transition smoothly.


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1071: A Guide for Decisions You Have to Make

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